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Cyber Criminals are Targeting Your Retirement Accounts – This is an important article and a good reminder to take online security seriously. Use dual-factor authorization wherever possible. Change your passwords regularly, especially your email password and monitor your accounts for activity. My clients use E-Trade and it offers Fraud Protection for any loss customers suffer from unauthorized use of their brokerage, retirement or bank accounts. Not all brokerage firms offer this protection.

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Retirement Before I Retired – This is a good article with some good tips. A key theme – retirement is expensive and you need a good financial advisor to help you devise an appropriate investment strategy and drawdown rate on your nest egg.

Equifax Breach – Over 50% of Americans were impacted – here’s how to file a claim for up to $20,000 in damages.

7 Mistakes When Hiring an Advisor – Make sure you read this – great tips on finding the right financial advisor for you.

When Should You Start Taking Social Security – When to start taking Social Security is unique to each person depending on your financial situation. When you want to retire, what other sources of income you have during retirement, how is your retirement savings structured, how much retirement savings do you have, etc. It’s not as simple as saying start at 62 or wait until 70. If you’re considering when to start, let’s talk about your specific situation.

$1.7 Million is Most American’s ‘Magic’ Number for Retirement – Retirement is expensive, especially with shrinking pensions and questions around Social Security’s long-term viability. Are you on track? Let’s put together a plan to help you achieve your financial goals.